SC-UPC Quick Connector

SC-UPC Quick Connector

Optical fiber connectors

Optical fiber connectors, commonly known as connectors, are generally called fiber connectors. They are passive devices that can be used to connect two optical fibers or optical cables to form a continuous optical path. They have been widely used in fiber transmission lines, optical fiber distribution frames, optical fiber test instruments and meters. And they are the most commonly used optical passive devices.

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1. Product Features
1.1 low insertion loss
1.2 high return loss
1.3 high reliability and stability


2. Type
2.1 embedded


3.Technical Parameters

3.1 Fiber diameter: 125μm to 900μm
3.1 insertion loss:IL≤0.3 dB
3.2 return loss:RL≥50 dB


4.Environmental parameters
4.1 Operating Temperature:-40℃~85℃
4.2 Thermal Cycle:IL changes≤0.3 dB
4.3 Shock:IL changes≤0.3 dB
4.4 Soaking:IL changes≤0.3 dB
4.5 Soaking:IL changes≤0.3 dB
4.6 Soaking:IL changes≤0.3 dB
4.7 Soaking:IL changes≤0.3 dB


5.Mechanical behavior
5.1 Machine Durability: Plug and unplug 500 times. IL changes≤0.3
5.2 Twist:15N,200times. IL changes≤0.3
5.3 Tension:40N. IL changes≤0.3
5.4 Drop:1.5m,8 times. IL changes≤0.3
5.5 Dipping: tap water,168h. IL changes≤0.3
5.6 Repeatability: 10 times. IL changes≤0.3
5.7 Repeatability Assembly;10 times.  IL changes≤0.3


6.Product specifications


7. Assembly tools image: (cutter, alcohol, dust-free paper, stripping knife, fixed-length)



8.Product Image

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