Tracer Light Patch Cords

Tracer Light Patch Cords


Description: Central offices and patch panel cabinets can be very compact, making fiber routing extremely dense. This can make it nearly impossible to identify a given fiber patch cord among large bundles of cables. Tracer Light patch cord offers quick and accurate method of identifying the termination point of optical patch cords. Each end Tracer fiber patch cord features a flashing light allowing technicians to visually trace individual patch cords from one end to another without pulling or affecting the patch cord. 

QIANWANZAI’s Tracer Light Patch Cord is user-friendly device that helps identify the termination points of fiber patch cords quickly and easily. Our Tracer Light Patch Cord features a both visual flashing and an audible buzzer that allows technicians to track a given patch cord without disturbing the inline traffic.

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• Main function: tracking fiber patch cords
• Fiber Type: SM/MM
• Connector Type: LC, SC, FC,ST, E2000, MTRJ, MU
• Easy and quick ientification
• Not effect patch cord function
• No need to pre-labeling
• Low insertion loss
• High return loss
• Simultaneous visual and acoustic trace
• Economical and User-friendly
• Good repeatability,changeability and temperature stabilization
• LED light blinks every 2 seconds, and persists after 30 seconds

• WANs
• LANs
• Telecommunications
• Optical NetworksTesting/Measurement Instruments
• Fiber to the Home

• TING ESUN’s Tracer Light Patch Cords have beside the light trace feature, the same performance as our normal patch cords and are not affected by the tracing light component. Our Tracer • Light Patch Cords are made of duplex SM or MM patch cords. Those Tracer Light Patch Cords are installed the same way as a standard fiber optic patch cord and are available in any • standard length and with any standard connectors type.
• Light tracing is done by working with a power driving source to identify the exact cable.

• PC, UPC, APC polish types
• FC, SC, ST, LC, MU, MTRJ, E2000, SMA connector
• Simplex and duplex for standard or customized
• Provide SM/MM patch cord and pigtails
• Cable Diameter:0.9mm,2.0mm,3.0mm
• Jacket types: PVC and LSZH
• Custom fiber optic cable lengths and jacket colors
• Various fiber types and wavelengths, typical 9/125 single mode, 50/125 multimode and 62.5/125 multimode

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