Optical fiber distribution frame


The optical fiber distribution frame (ODF) is used for […]

The optical fiber distribution frame (ODF) is used for the termination and distribution of the central trunk optical cable in the optical fiber communication system, and the connection, distribution and scheduling of the optical fiber line can be conveniently realized. With the increasing degree of network integration, there is a light-number hybrid distribution frame that integrates ODF, DDF, and power distribution units. It is suitable for small to medium-sized fiber-to-cell, fiber-to-building, remote module office, and wireless base stations. Wiring system.
structure appearance
1, the frame structure
1) The frame structure is closed, semi-closed and open.
2) The height of the rack is divided into 3600mm, 2200mm and 2000mm. The width is recommended to be an integer multiple of 120mm, and the recommended depth is 300mm, 450mm and 600mm.
3) The deviation of the frame dimensions shall not exceed ±2mm; the tolerance of the outer surface to the bottom reference plane shall not exceed 3mm.
2. Mechanical activity part
The mechanical activity part should be flexible in rotation, moderate in insertion and removal, reliable in locking, convenient in construction and maintenance. The opening angle of the door should be no less than 110° and the clearance should be no more than 3 mm.
3, the introduction of cable bending radius
The structure should be firm, the assembly should be consistent and interchangeable, and the fasteners should be free of looseness. The sharp edges of the exposed and operated parts should be rounded.
4, the frame structure
When the cable is introduced into the frame, the bending radius should be no less than 15 times the diameter of the cable.
5, protective sleeve, pad and core and pigtail bending radius
When the fiber optic cable passes through the hole of the metal plate and turns along the sharp edge of the structural member, the protective cover and the gasket should be installed. When the core and pigtail are bent, the radius of curvature should be no less than 30mm.
6, the surface of the rack
The coating layer should have a smooth surface, uniform color, no sag, no bottoming; metal parts are free of burrs and rust.
7. Text, graphics, symbols and signs on the structural device
The text, graphics, symbols and logos on the structural device should be clear, complete and error-free.